The Lie

5 Dec

I want it all

The good and the bad

The pretty and the ugly

I will be there to hold your hand always

I will kiss you every morning

And every night I will draw you in close

We’ll reveal embarrassing moments

I’ll laugh when you’re stumbling around and being cute

I will protect you from the evil in this World

I will love you even when you don’t deserve it, but clearly need it

I know that you are stubborn but you’ll learn you can count on me

I know that it’s hard for you, but depend on me. I will never stray

No matter what, abandoning you is not an option

Other women? What other women 😉

Even when I am scared to the bone I will never deceive you

My Loyalty, honesty, faithfullness and unconditional love is just the beginning

I will make it my mission to make sure you’re always happy because only then am I truly happy

Now that I have you, we will grow together as one and no longer as two individuals roaming this Earth

I will fight for you forever

The title best friend of my entire Life doesn’t even begin to cover it

You are my soulmate

I want you to be the mother of my children

You will be my wife

I don’t know what I would do without you, you brought color to my grey World

You are my everything

We are every great love story

We are like any and every animal that mates for Life

I will never hurt you, harm you, or use my strength against you

I only want you to be cheerished beyond measure

I love you 

*Please refer to the title of this blog….

You let it fade… It was all a well told lie you told me… Bottom line and fact is if it wasn’t a LIE then I wouldn’t feel this way and the TRUTH is I wouldn’t just have all these words to write –

Not forever thine, not forever yours, or ours… You broke that along with the heart I gave you-


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