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With Faith

18 Jan

I Walk

I Walk into the unknown fearful

I can not see far ahead of Me but I dream

I dream of the impossible

But nightmares intercede and show Me of another possible fate

Dark clouds cling to the Sky

I know the Sun tries to breakthrough

The land barren with positive influences

Not  a single trust worthy being in sight

Behind Me are just shadowed memories

Beneath My feet are words I’m walking past

In the hope the next crossing will unveil actions I can rely on

I catch a break every now and then

The wind will be soft like a song

That lifts My spirit and carries Me in harsh surroundings

But sometimes it comes crashing down like a huge wave

Causing Me to cradle to the worded floor beneath Me

And then I am weak…

I see these words and try to hold on to them so tightly

But I can not… Like my shadowed past when I reach for it…

It slips through my fingers… It is not tangible anymore

Water falls from above and it cuts through the thick layer of fogged dispair

I soak in every tiny drop of clarity, I allow it to cling to Me

With it I stand passionately with vibrance and…

I continue to Walk