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Where You Are

8 Apr

So I feel so much right now…

Could be pathetic regrets later.

But now I feel heartache

I look back and wish I could take back

I’d take back the yelling…

The threats

The part where I took you for granted

I would add cherishing you

Loving you deeper

And showing you how special you are to me


I don’t know where you are

What you’re doing

Who you’re with….

And what you really feel

It pains my heart deeper than you’ll ever know

I want to run to you

To have you hold me

Kiss me like you mean it

Wipe my tears and make me smile again

Take this emptiness and fill me upĀ 

I want to hear your laugh

I desperately want to add to your Life

Wanting to grow togetherĀ 

I want you to look at me like you use to

But I don’t know where you are

I check high and low

Left to right


But I can’t see you

I wish you’d stop running

Stop hiding from me

From us

I know it’s hard

Scary. A risk.

But take my hand

I will love you


I will go…

Where you are