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23 Jul

Forever you have changed my Life

I might be uneasy at times but it’s only because I love you that much already

I knew you were there without a doubt

The only thing I’ve been sure of lately

You create new feelings that I don’t know what to do with

You’re already making me a better person

I’ve been waiting my whole Life for someone to do that

Then like a real surprise you come along and show me

Who I could of been

I finally have regrets ūüôā

But you show me who I can be

You inspire me to be my best

I haven’t felt this way since I was 10

A feeling I gave up on recently

My eyes tear up

Only to realize it really has started

I am your mother now & forever

I will always be here for you even if you think I’m not

I’m weird, different, & I might not make sense at times

But I promise you’ll see

I’m making the World yours

That is what I do with every step

Because God finally gave me what I’ve been begging for my¬†entire Life… I just didn’t know it was going to be You…

Til Now ‚̧


Leave Me

23 Jul

I write in¬†hopes that once the¬†words leave me¬†it¬†will… Leave Me

You cross my mind as if you never left

My heart still aches if I stop reminding myself to breathe

And my dreams… My dreams are filled with the one thing I’m not allowed


It pains me to know I was so easy to forget

Every memory you chose so violently to vanish from your Life

As if I never existed

It stings the back of my throat when I hear about her


Is everything replaceable with me?

Some horrible nightmare that you can’t escape?

Waterslides? Lightening Bugs? Blistered Thumbs? Sunset Walks?

The Music…? The Faith???


I have new adventures ahead of me

Yet I still glance behind to make sure

I was so scared but I trusted you

I gave in for once… A year of my worst fears

I never imagined that you would of been on that side

Convincing, reasurring, loving me I guess was all just a game

You win

The first ever

I wish this would just leave me already just how abrubtly & cold as you did

Then we both could be where you are~