24 Jan



Save Draft


Save Draft

What am I saving for?

How do I move forward when I feel frozen

Frozen by manipulation

Standing still in time out of fear

I just want to be at the crossroad already

I’m so eager to take that step

I want to step into a Life I’ve been waiting for

For a gal who lacks patience

30 years is enough… I’ve done my time

So step over with us

Or stay stuck like you keep choosing to do

I’ve tried to push you

Pull you

Let you come at your own time

But all your doing is holding me back

And you’re strong

But there is so much you don’t know about me

I can endure

And right when you think you have me beaten and let up a little

I will break free

Like a Rose from concrete

a Phoenix from it’s Ashes

Don’t underestimate me

Because I love that challenge

And the look on a persons face after

Don’t become a part of that group

You’re going to lose something

Something you don’t realize at this moment

That you’ll want more than anything in Life

And there won’t be anything I can do after

Be humble look at the bigger picture


We not me

You not I

Don’t pass up your future

Because your stuck in your past ways

Ps Sometimes Music speaks what we can not… All videos have Lyrics


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