Old Fashioned with a Twist please

6 Feb


Life definitely inspires me to write. Sometimes monologues, sometimes poems, and sometimes I just let the words pour out.

The video I posted below I would say as you call it, was the icing on the cake for todays outpour…

At first the video made me cringe because it’s another body builder motivational video. But close your eyes. Listen to the words…

I am not sure why every motivational video always has the visuals of physical perfection to achieve. What happened to what’s deeper? The values of selflessness, pride of family, loyalty of love?

I heard recently that our generation is the generation of selfishness. Gosh that makes me sad.

Call me old fashioned with a twist but why is that we can’t embrace the freedoms that our parents, grandparents etc fought for us to have but with all the class and morals they had ? Why is it always one way or the other? That if you’re classy and old fashioned that means you have to be close minded? A house wife, or the man that makes all the money… Aren’t we smarter than that? That’s the problem we are a smart generation, but not wise. Or if you’re independent and up to date with how things are now a days then that means your young, immature, selfish and too radical. Have we really not learned to combine the greatest attributes of all the generations together? Move forward in great stride… Apparently not. That also makes me sad.

Ok so back to the video 😉

Let me get this out of the way first- to achieve a body builders physique takes a lot of sacrifice. The things you have to do, have to give up, it definitely takes a lot from within to be able to attain. However my outpour today isn’t to tare down or support body builders, or any other self involved dream for that matter. It’s about the words being said behind the video. I feel the words will get lost to most because the words are getting masked to make you think and feel its about the visual board you’re seeing. Not that it can, and probably is about so much more than just physical goals.

To be a body builder, an actor, a model or any other self serving dream is a selfish one. I can say this because I once attempted to be an actress. I have actor friends, body builder friends, model friends, travelers of the World that take off in an instant friends. I don’t say selfish dream to be mean. I say it to be accurate. Because the only way you will attain that dream is to put it first. Which means goodbye healthy relationships, a chance at a happy family, and having those be there for you when you need it. It will be a Life full of adventures, and people you have surface level relationships with, and strangers that support you. But to have that real in depth love, that also takes sacrifice, priority, and selfishness toward the cause. You can’t have both. It’s the balance of Life.

“WHAT DO YOU WANT?! WHAT DO YOU WANT?!”  …. A powerful start… Isn’t that the question we all wonder? But it is simple. And if you really want it then you’ll do whatever it takes to get it. You won’t care how you look to others, it won’t bother you what others say. Because if you can find it deep within you what you really want in Life, and make it loud enough it drowns out pride, arrogance, and the negativity around you. Then something amazing happens. You finally get it. And all those around you have nothing to say. You’ll have others ask for advice how you got it? The truth, you gave everything up to get it, gave all you had and then whatever else it took for however long it took to get it.

I wish this showed images of a happy family and all the struggles before the family gets there. A successful marriage and all the battles they have to overcome to get to that moment. A young adult that struggles with a hard childhood and takes the necessary steps to get help and learn to use their past to become a self sufficient adult. The people out there that battle addictions and win every day by not going back to old habits. As well as those of you that battle financial snags, or doubt of faith… I wish those are the visual boards all of these motivational videos now a-days would have instead. Because our country is definitely hurting and slacking when it comes to those values. The values that made us so strong. Yes some of the ignorant ways needed to be let go, but that doesn’t mean we also had to shed the importance of unity.

Again we live in a free country where if you want to follow your dream and that dream is all about you. Have at it. I guess for me I want to start the revolution on the new generation. Heck even the past ones. Where they embrace all we have learned about treating EVERYONE equal but also holding on to the ethics of our past. I had selfish dreams. But then I had a daughter. And I didn’t change I just grew up, and my dream became hers. I feel I am a dying breed in today’s society. I am old fashioned with a twist, I hope you are too.

It’s never to late to join 🙂


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